With my background in education and health—I was a teacher and a radiation therapy technologist in what I affectionately call my former lives—a good chunk of my writing portfolio consists of work related to those areas. Genital herpes, teleradiology, character education, sustainable schools . . . those are just some of the health and education topics I’ve covered.

But, my writing has taken off into other directions as well, and those journeys have been and continue to be amazing. I’ve written about inspecting a scaffold, operating a crane, running a grocery wholesale business, buying art, and owning a hobby shop. I’ve written heavy equipment operator recruitment video scripts, a hot tub user manual, and the 100-year history of a survey company.

Then there’s editing, writing’s significant other. It makes sense for me to do both, and editing allows me to help others produce clear, effective, and powerful documents and pieces of communication.

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