Working with words, and making words work for you. That’s my passion; that’s my profession.

I specialize in crafting material that informs, compels, excites, and moves. A print or online article, web copy, a report, a newsletter . . . whatever you need, you can trust me to put the right words together in the right way to reach your audience and convey the message you want to deliver.

With a diverse background—in health, education, and even the travel industry—I bring expertise, experience, and understanding to topics that fall under these general categories. But, I do far more than write “what I know.”

A skilled researcher and interviewer, I make it my mission to learn everything I can about every topic. There’s something exquisitely rewarding about the whole writing process, and about producing an outstanding product for you, the client.

Fanatical about grammar, punctuation, syntax, and above all clear, concise, well-researched writing, I deliver impeccable, insightful work, and always on time.

Contact me and you’ll see.



Cynthia Dusseault, B. Ed.